Nerd Necklaces

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For all of you nerds and the people who love them –

Carolee is using 6 bit of the binary ASCII to represent the letters of the alphabet, spelling out words such as “peace”, “hope”, “Love”, “Karma”.  Using tubular beads to represent the 1’s and round beads to represent the  0’s, Carolee creates a necklace which is pretty and looks like a somewhat random combination of beads, but those beads have meaning for those who can read it!

For all the computer nerds – Yes, we know that an ASCII character is 8 bits, not 6 bits. However, since the top two bits of all alphabet letters are always 01, we simply mask them for aesthetic purposes. For example, the necklace pictured above is the word “peace”.

  • p – 01 110000
  • e – 01 100101
  • a – 01 100001
  • c – 01 100011
  • e – 01 100101

You can spell out a name, or a word, even a very short phrase. You can have Capital, lower case letters and spaces. It looks best if the word you choose is between 3 and 7 letters.  Here are some suggestions for words. 

Fill out and submit the form below, and Carolee will personally make your Nerd Necklace and send you a photo of it (via email) as soon as it is finished.

All necklaces come on an 18 inch adjustable silver plated chain with lobster claw clasp.

If you like the necklace, then you can pay for it on our Bonanza site, and we will send it to you right away. If you do not care for it, NO PROBLEM, there is no obligation!