Caring for your Sterling Wire Wrap Jewelry

As anyone who has owned any Sterling Silver knows, it tarnishes. There are commercial treatments that almost magically eliminate the tarnish just by dipping the Sterling Silver in a solution. The problem with these treatments is that, when used on your sterling silver wire wrapped gemstones, they can ruin your gemstones, leaching them of color and shine.

Prevention – The best way to deal with tarnish is to prevent it in the first place. Exposure to air is what causes the tarnish, so keeping air away from your jewelry is a good start. That is why we deliver our jewelry in resealable plastic bags. They dramatically reduces the tarnish that naturally builds up when the jewelry is not being worn.

Touch Ups – Polishing Cloths and Pro Polish pads are great for touch ups to bring back the shine. But you need to be careful to avoid the stones. We include a Pro Polish pad with the purchase of a bracelet, pendant or necklace. These pads are great at bringing back the shine. And you can use them until they are completely black on both sides.

Clean Up – Tarnish happens! The method that I use to clean up highly tarnished pieces is: 1) run them under lukewarm water (don’t forget to put a strainer in the sink!).  2) With a very soft toothbrush, apply a little dish detergent and lightly scrub the sterling while avoiding the gemstones as much as possible.  3) Carefully pat dry with a paper towel, then allow to air dry. 4) When completely dry, touch it up with the Pro Polish pad. 5) Put it away in a resealable plastic baggie.