About CL and M Smith Jewelry


CL and M Smith Jewelry are Carolee Smith and Mark Smith, located in beautiful Tampa FL. We are a sister/brother combo who are trying to establish a handcrafted jewelry business.

We currently have two lines of jewelry:

  • Healing Stones Jewelry by Mark Smith – Mark uses Sterling Silver and semi-precious gem stones (such as Amethyst and Lapis) to create colorful statement pieces with a New Age flair.
  • Nerd Necklaces by Carolee Smith – For all of you nerds and the people who love them – Carolee is using 6 bit binary ASCII to represent the letters of the alphabet to spell out words such as “Hope”, “Love”, “Karma”. Using different beads to represent the 1’s and 0’s, she creates a necklace which is pretty and looks like a somewhat random combinations of beads, but those beads have meaning for those who can read it!

Check out our online store at Bonanza.

Order your Nerd Necklaces here.