Trapped Bead Earrings – What they are and how I make them…

I came up with an earring design that I call “Trapped Bead” earrings. The earrings are “trapped” in the ear wire, they can’t fall out no matter what. I like making these because they are simple yet elegant and can be worn in almost any setting.

The earrings start out as a length of wire and some beads.

The wire gets cut into either 3 1/2 or 4 inch lengths. Then I make a 90 degree bend about 3/4 of an inch up from each wire.

Next the beads are inserted onto the long end of the wire. I use the round nose pliers to form a loop at the tip of the short side of the wire.

Using a ring mandrel, I bend the ear wires into loops.

The top of the hoop gets hammered to make it flat, adding dimension and strength. The tip of the ear wire is also flattened .

And the result is a pair of “Trapped Bead” earrings.


Thanks for reading!

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